Thursday, January 26, 2006

Actions makes our dreams a reality! But we must include God in those dreams if they are to succeed, as He may have a different road for us to follow then we intended to make these dreams a reality!
The road of failure can become the road to success; if we let God lead us down that path!
Life is a gift from God! How many gifts of your life did you give back to Him by the way you lived your life today!

Monday, January 23, 2006

SNOW-Innocent Tears from Heaven

Innocent Tears from Heaven
As I look out my window and watch the snow falling I can't stop thinking how the flakes represent the tears of all the innocent lives lost through abortion as these precious lives watch from Heaven. As many people in our country mourn the thirty three years of legal abortion today while others are seeking the end of life within them in abortion clinics through out the United States on this most sorrowful day of days in our country.
Thirty three years ago our Supreme Court made abortion legal in a case presented before them-Roe versus Wade. This would be a turning point in our country that would legally allow the killing of innocent lives. Unfortunately, as the years went by abortion would be allowed at later phases during the pregnancy right through out the third trimester, which is the last three months of a pregnancy. Lives created by God each with its own gifts to help make our world the way God intended it to be. A world where there would be more peace, solutions to the many problems plaguing our world and a world where God, no matter what a person's name for Him, would have His rightful place in our society.
As I reflect back today I think of a teenager that would be forced to go through an abortion she did not want. She had been sexually abused from the time she was seven and half by the man in her mother's life and was virtually a prisoner in her own home. Being five minutes late from school she would be scrutinized to not asking permission for a glass of water in another's person home would be considered being a bad girl. With no where to turn she had no options forty nine years ago. She would find out later in life her mother never wanted children and she would be the only pregnancy her mother could not rid herself of and the same methods of those days would be the same her mother would use on her. As this teenager heart beat became weak from quinine the main culprit for abortions then and used in Africa today for abortions; along with other things used her mother would have almost killed her twice. The quinine would leave her with rare health problems. But her intellect would be above average which could only be a gift from God because quinine should leave a person like a vegetable both mentally and physically when given in large doses. There is no antidote for quinine. He had plans for her unbeknownst to her as she traveled her own road of life. She did not want the abortion but wanted to go to another state to have the baby and give it up for adoption as this was the only option for the child to have a loving home to live in and have a normal life.
In thinking back this woman knows in her heart that God lovingly reached down from the heavens and gently took the life within her into His Hand and brought this little soul home to heaven. He knew her mother would not stop trying and would eventually kill this teen. He knew this teen would have a painful road to travel but that road would bless and touch other lives as her faith would falter at times but come around to full fruition to put all her trust in Him and let Him lead the way for the path she would follow, eventually. But she still tends to run from God at times. He just runs with her to let her know "I love you and will not leave you. But it would take many years for this full trust and forty four years to forgive her mother for forcing her to have this abortion. She would wonder how could her mother let her be sexually abused by this man even though she denied it. This woman now knows she knew.
For many years she questioned why did God let her live through all this pain and why did he let her live so many years ago when she was conceived. She never knew her earthly father as her mother was a "woman of the night" but her grandfather would become her father image and he would be her salvation to understand normal parental and unconditional love; as she lived with her grandparents for the first years of her life. She would draw on this love over the years even after he died and does at times now. At times she feels his spiritual presence. She has always believed when he died God gave him the task of being one of her guardian angels.
She would be able to talk others out of abortion and support them throughout a pregnancy and beyond; she would support those had an abortion and tell them our Heavenly Father is sorrowful about the decision to abort but has His Arms opened wide to embrace and forgive and all the woman needs to do is open her heart to God for this forgiveness to feel it. Forgiveness is always part of God's Heart for all of us. She would tell a woman she needs to forgive herself or otherwise the guilt and anger will eat away at her and she will never find that peace of heart we all want in our lives. She would talk about post abortion counseling for healing and to find this forgiveness by seeking out her clergy person in her own faith. For a Catholic woman she helped to follow the path to the Sacrament of Reconciliation to find forgiveness and help to find peace in her heart again; as this woman was suicidal. She would become pregnant again and carry to full term. Something many woman do after an abortion. Having a life ripped from you is not a natural order of life. The hormone shifts are unbelievable. Just ask any woman that has had a miscarriage not of her choice.
This woman would help those sexually abused as a child because of her own experiences of living it for so many years; as she would understand their feelings that all go through when abused.
The snow has stopped and it is now dark outside and I only hope the innocent tears of heaven through people's witnessing today has stopped at least one woman from having this abortion and if one person that reads this blog is considering having an abortion this blog will change her mind.
Abortion is not a "choice" but murder of an innocent life created by God. It is not a piece of flesh as the woman she helped was told at a Planned Parenthood clinic. She was nine weeks pregnant. A piece of flesh does not have a heartbeat at 21 days in the uterus.
Who is this teenager that was forced to go through this abortion so many years ago the author of this blog.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Weather is cloudy like our world!

One person does make a difference in the daily decisions we all face everyday whether in or out of our personal world. How many turn to God for guidance in making these decisions or is He forgotten? More often then not many decisions are based on self gain in popularity, increased income or what is convenient for the person making the decision.

The world of many stays cloudy because of the decisions others make instead of it being a bright sunny day which would give many others peace of mind.

Are your decisions made with or without God's guidance? Do you feel this is my world and I don't need Him in my life? If this is how you feel just take a few minutes and talk to God directly in your heart and listen for the answer within your being. You may be surprised what you hear in your heart.

What a different world we would have if we would just listen to God in our hearts before making decisions whether big or small. It doesn't matter what you call God as He is the same Creator of all of us and loves us all because we are His children.

Constitutional Rights of Human Beings

Every time I hear about the constitutional rights of women to abort the life within them it causes me to feel very grated inside as it provokes an anger I am feeling about my constitutional rights when I lived inside my mother's womb and how they would be destroyed in today's world.

From the moment the egg is fertilized a new life has begun and has all the rights of the person that is carrying that life within her. That life is just as important as her life and has the same equality our Constitution gives all human beings but society on the wholes sees it differently. No one thinks of the consequences of an abortion and what problems lie ahead for the women that has just killed another being by deciding to abort along with anyone assisting in that abortion. No one thinks long range of the generation of human beings that will never be and the gifts they or offspring could offer the world to make it a place that God intended it to be.

I thank God that my mother was not a young woman in this generation as I would never be writing this or the eight children I have been blessed with that are making a difference on the whole for the betterment of society. My mother did everything in her power to rid her body of me as she never wanted children but I was the only one she could not abort. My life is a miracle within itself as she used quinine and any other thing she could think of to use for the whole pregnancy. Quinine has dire side effects and it has left me with rare physical problems but has not affected my intellect as is should have. But I know in my heart that God in His love for me and "Our Blessed Mother" protected me from the ravages of her continually insistence of trying to abort me through out her whole pregnancy.

I thank God she was not able to destroy my constitutional rights while I was the person growing and waiting to be born but today that would be such a different story.

Abortion is murder, no matter what the circumstances or how you view it. It is a life being destroyed. I wonder how people will face our Creator of life someday and answer Him when asked "Why did you destroy this life I had so many dreams to help create a more peaceful, loving and healthy world for the way I intended it to be from the beginning"? God is a forgiving but I am sure it is a question many will have to answer no matter what their involvement was in destroying human life at any stage. I wonder if God will show the life that was destroyed by human intervention and what a different world it would have been on both a personal and world wide level. Only God knows and all we can do is wonder!

I am happy I am alive and I hope any woman reading this and thinking about an abortion will have second thoughts. All life is created by God and has His purpose in mind to make this world the way He intended it to be for all of us being full of His peace and love.