Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Weather is cloudy like our world!

One person does make a difference in the daily decisions we all face everyday whether in or out of our personal world. How many turn to God for guidance in making these decisions or is He forgotten? More often then not many decisions are based on self gain in popularity, increased income or what is convenient for the person making the decision.

The world of many stays cloudy because of the decisions others make instead of it being a bright sunny day which would give many others peace of mind.

Are your decisions made with or without God's guidance? Do you feel this is my world and I don't need Him in my life? If this is how you feel just take a few minutes and talk to God directly in your heart and listen for the answer within your being. You may be surprised what you hear in your heart.

What a different world we would have if we would just listen to God in our hearts before making decisions whether big or small. It doesn't matter what you call God as He is the same Creator of all of us and loves us all because we are His children.

Constitutional Rights of Human Beings

Every time I hear about the constitutional rights of women to abort the life within them it causes me to feel very grated inside as it provokes an anger I am feeling about my constitutional rights when I lived inside my mother's womb and how they would be destroyed in today's world.

From the moment the egg is fertilized a new life has begun and has all the rights of the person that is carrying that life within her. That life is just as important as her life and has the same equality our Constitution gives all human beings but society on the wholes sees it differently. No one thinks of the consequences of an abortion and what problems lie ahead for the women that has just killed another being by deciding to abort along with anyone assisting in that abortion. No one thinks long range of the generation of human beings that will never be and the gifts they or offspring could offer the world to make it a place that God intended it to be.

I thank God that my mother was not a young woman in this generation as I would never be writing this or the eight children I have been blessed with that are making a difference on the whole for the betterment of society. My mother did everything in her power to rid her body of me as she never wanted children but I was the only one she could not abort. My life is a miracle within itself as she used quinine and any other thing she could think of to use for the whole pregnancy. Quinine has dire side effects and it has left me with rare physical problems but has not affected my intellect as is should have. But I know in my heart that God in His love for me and "Our Blessed Mother" protected me from the ravages of her continually insistence of trying to abort me through out her whole pregnancy.

I thank God she was not able to destroy my constitutional rights while I was the person growing and waiting to be born but today that would be such a different story.

Abortion is murder, no matter what the circumstances or how you view it. It is a life being destroyed. I wonder how people will face our Creator of life someday and answer Him when asked "Why did you destroy this life I had so many dreams to help create a more peaceful, loving and healthy world for the way I intended it to be from the beginning"? God is a forgiving but I am sure it is a question many will have to answer no matter what their involvement was in destroying human life at any stage. I wonder if God will show the life that was destroyed by human intervention and what a different world it would have been on both a personal and world wide level. Only God knows and all we can do is wonder!

I am happy I am alive and I hope any woman reading this and thinking about an abortion will have second thoughts. All life is created by God and has His purpose in mind to make this world the way He intended it to be for all of us being full of His peace and love.