Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Weather is cloudy like our world!

One person does make a difference in the daily decisions we all face everyday whether in or out of our personal world. How many turn to God for guidance in making these decisions or is He forgotten? More often then not many decisions are based on self gain in popularity, increased income or what is convenient for the person making the decision.

The world of many stays cloudy because of the decisions others make instead of it being a bright sunny day which would give many others peace of mind.

Are your decisions made with or without God's guidance? Do you feel this is my world and I don't need Him in my life? If this is how you feel just take a few minutes and talk to God directly in your heart and listen for the answer within your being. You may be surprised what you hear in your heart.

What a different world we would have if we would just listen to God in our hearts before making decisions whether big or small. It doesn't matter what you call God as He is the same Creator of all of us and loves us all because we are His children.


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